The Castaway – #ThursdayTreeLove 9


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A free verse dedicated to a castaway tree by the roadside along the Bandipur – Mudumalai area, where a huge fire raged through a section of the forest, sometime last year. The heartbreaking sight of these barren trees not giving in before the wrath of Nature, but standing tall, unwilling to quit, inspired this post.

Straggly and barren,

You stand defiant.

Arms outstretched,

Your brazen frame belies

a broken heart.

Now, cast away,

by those who loved you once,

you stand alone,

condemned to anonymity.



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Seven Favourite Film Scores – #BarAThon Day 3


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I’m participating in the #BarAThon – a blogging Challenge which involves blogging on alternate days from Jun 17 – Jun 30, 2017. For each of the seven days, bloggers are free to choose either a theme or one of the several prompts or both.

For today’s post, I have chosen the theme, SevenSeven memorable movie theme Scores! We all know that a memorable theme music is a crucial element that transforms a great movie into an iconic one. At its core, a movie score is supposed to capture the mood and set the tone for what is being depicted in a particular scene. In this list, I’ve compiled seven of my favorite pieces, for your listening pleasure. It was difficult enough picking just seven of my favorites, but here they are, not ranked in any specific order but only listed. So, read them and enjoy the pieces and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

1. Lara’s Theme from Doctor Zhivago: This one tops my list. It is one piece of music that I could hear over and over again and never tire of.  ‘Lara’s Theme’ is the name given to a leitmotif written for the film Doctor Zhivago (1965) by composer Maurice Jarre, which later became the basis of the song ‘Somewhere, My Love’. The piece became a resounding success and remains one of the most loved pieces of all time. Thankfully, for me, the Nobel-prize-winning novel by Boris Pasternak came first and the narrative along with the collection of the ‘Yuri’ poems, left a very deep impression on my young mind.  The movie came much later, and I must say the film version is as good as the book itself. I’ve kind of grown up listening to this theme song from much earlier, and it remains a familyfavoritee too. This is something, I’ve heard a thousand times and it still sounds like the first time, every single time. It will never grow old for me!

2. Theme from Schindler’s List: A close second comes this – A haunting, simple melody that expands to incorporate some rhythmic and harmonic idioms of Eastern European Jewish music.  It is considered to be a towering and remarkable score by John Williams, the finest film composer of all time, and lifts the viewer’s spirit, in a way that enhances the film’s beauty. Its’ moments of terror and remorse challenges our emotions. Not surprised why they consider it to be a masterpiece! I can almost transport myself to another world just by listening to this.

3. Theme from The Pianist: The essential difference that this one has with the rest of its’ counterparts is the fact that it consists almost entirely of serious classical compositions. So, if you’re fond of western classical music and especially love Chopin, then this is just for you. The music is meant as a companion piece to the film, which is a sympathetic and moving portrayal of pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman’s struggle for survival in the Warsaw Ghetto during the Holocaust. The film, like its’ music, is a must for everyone interested in the Holocaust theme – striking, painful, moving and gripping all at the same time.

4. Speak Softly Love from The Godfather: ‘Speak Softly, Love’ was first introduced as an instrumental theme in Francis Coppola’s film The Godfather, based on Mario Puzo’s classic bestseller, that was simply known as ‘Love Theme’ from The Godfather. Undoubtedly, a theme that is counted as one of the best scores ever to be written, this is a composition that comes to life in a dark, looming, and elegant soundtrack. If you listen, you’ll know why this is one of the most haunting pieces of film scores ever to be written.

5. Theme from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: In this film, Howard Shore composed one of the greatest scores ever written, filled with one classic theme after another that would become indelibly linked to Tolkien’s grand fantasy. From the spritely to the romantically heroic, every piece of music in the trilogy just nails it. The Shire theme, the Fellowship theme and the Rohan theme are the most recognizable and infectious of all, that get repeated countless times, in many different moods, so that it is hardly possible to watch the movies without learning to recognize them.

6. Moon River from Breakfast at Tiffany’s: This is a song that has grown on me. I first heard it almost twenty years ago, but with time, I seem to love it even more. As an ardent fan of the legendary Audrey Hepburn,  whose film ‘Roman Holiday’ simply swept me off my feet when I first saw it many moons ago, I agree with many who think the song was way better than the movie, ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. Not many know that Audrey had also won an Academy Award for Best Original Song, which remains a lovely lilting ditty to wanderlust.

7. Where Do I Begin? from Love Story: As I wrap up my post, I leave you with a song that is riveting, sweeping and majestic at the same time, one that has stood the test of time ever since it was first introduced as a theme for the film, ‘Love Story’, based on Eric Segal’s Love Story. The story goes that the writer, Carl Sigman, was asked to rewrite the lyrics to go with what was supposedly a mushy storyline. At first, he refused to do so, but, then, while pacing around his living room, he said to his wife, ‘Where do I begin?’ and the new lyric was launched. The rest is history. Below is Andy Williams version of the song, based on the original theme score. I could listen to this and never tire of it. Lovely, sad and so beautifully sung!

I hope you enjoyed this musical sojourn, as much as I did, compiling the list. Music inspires and guides me in my everyday work, a bit like a background score in my life. As they travel from the ear into the heart, I find myself blessed.

They say, our music tells people more about us than we ever will. Do you agree? Are there any, from the list, that are your favorites too?


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Life of Pie – #BarAThon Day 2


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I’m participating in the #BarAThon – a blogging Challenge which involves blogging on alternate days from Jun 17 – Jun 30, 2017. For each of the seven days, bloggers are free to choose either a theme or one of the several prompts or both.

For Day 2, I have chosen the prompt – ‘life of pie.’



Life Of Pie

A crusty top and a filling within,

With apple, cheese, or steak-and-kidney,

Mince-pies, pot-pies and creamy ones,

That melt in the mouth

Before you’re done.

Cream-filled or topped ones, or bacon and eggs,

Which would you go for? Think fast and say.

Though the life of a pie is meant to last long,

You’d better off having them

before they’re all gone.


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A Moment Frozen in Time – #FridayReflections


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It’s not always that we look back and feel good about something we did. At least, not me. Often, I catch myself introspecting on why something did not go down too well or how the situation in question could have led to a more desirable outcome.

Today, though, I’m writing in response to a prompt and I’m consciously trying to recall a moment that I wish I could freeze and preserve forever. Strange, as it may seem, there are many! I find it hard to choose amongst the many special moments that I would love to relive. But, I must choose one. Just one.

There is one that stands out from the rest – the one that I’m going to share with you today here.

It is the climb to the Sandakphu peak, in the Singalila National Park in West Bengal, sometime during the early 90s. Four friends and three days of arduous trekking in the Himalayas, sometime in the month of October, through rain, shine and mist, along unfamiliar, uncharted paths, in search of something elusive. It is the kind of experience that you could truly call unbelievable!

The weather was constantly changing – one minute it was bright and clear, but the very next, it was covered in fog, so thick that one couldn’t see beyond a few feet ahead. There was an eerie silence all around us, as we climbed up, broken only by the cries of a wild dog. It was like nothing I’d experienced before, the thrill, the fear, the moments of doubt and the excitement, taking turns to lead me on. Oh, what an experience it was!

As we crossed winding mountain paths, trudging through the dark forests, with no signs of human habitation for miles at a stretch, there would appear, a small settlement, with thatched huts lined with stretches of magnolias and rhododendrons, that our eyes would feast upon. On the evening of our third and final day, the climb proved to be the steepest, especially the last 1000 ft. We made it, though, in time, our tired legs ready to give in, any minute. The air had grown thinner and colder, but our enthusiasm was boundless, as we left our backpacks behind to watch the most magical sunset on the horizon – the sight of the four of the five highest peaks in the world – Everest, Kangchenjunga, Lhotse and Makalu, being thrilling beyond belief! That is the moment that I’ve relived countless times in my mind, replaying the sequence of events and imagining the awe-inspiring sight of those majestic mountains before me!

Today, I feel, the trek we took that day, was a deeply metaphorical one for us. The journey was mostly inwards. We all had our individual battles to fight, having quit our jobs, in search of something that we couldn’t define in tangible terms. And yet, we seemed to be in perfect harmony with nature, surrounded by the sound of silence everywhere.

Perhaps, the main reason for suddenly remembering this today, sitting in the comfort of a cozy home, was in recalling how easily we took risks, how we worried less about things and how little baggage we carried within us. I loved traveling alone, with my thoughts unbridled, unhindered, to help me make sense of where I was heading to, in life — and where I wanted to be.

As time passes, of the many things that have come and gone in our lives, travel has been a constant. I have enjoyed every journey taken. And, almost every trip has taught me, in a unique way, how much there is to discover, every time we set foot outside our comfort zone. With time, the biggest casualty for me has been this sense of adventure, hardened as one can be, with the passage of time and seeing the world in a different light.

Just for once, I’d love to be that young again, relive that day and that moment. You could say, it’s one of those moments that I wish I could freeze and preserve forever.





The Fault is in the Stares – #BarAThon Day 1


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This is the first time I’m participating in the #BarAThon – a blogging Challenge which involves blogging on alternate days from Jun 17 – Jun 30, 2017. For each of the seven days, bloggers are free to choose either a theme or one of the several prompts or both.

I have chosen the prompt – ‘the fault is in the stares.’ Here’s my take on it.

staring face

She holds the wired fence

to catch your gaze,

her hungry eyes following yours,

as you sit by the window,

unwrapping your meal,

tucking into the edges of the burger.

She swallows her thirst,

unbeknownst to you.

For a minute, your eyes meet hers

transfixed on you,

following your hand,

While you catch up with a friend.

She stands alone

driven by the pangs of hunger

but, who really cares?

Yet another day to go hungry again,

and you say, the fault is in the stares?


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Rooted together – #ThursdayTreeLove 8


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Sharing a beautiful Gulmohar tree in full bloom in the compounds of the HAL Aerospace Museum – India’s first aerospace museum located at the Old Airport Road, Bangalore. It was our first visit and I was impressed with the way HAL had created a well-maintained space to preserve the various models and their gradual evolution, while tracing the aviation history and the growth of the aerospace industry in the country. While walking around to see the models, the sheer number of blooming Gulmohars within the compound took me by surprise. Sharing a random shot of one of the trees I captured on my mobile.

To me, what seemed interesting about this tree, was the way the branches seem to be seeking out new directions, even while being rooted together.

Perhaps a bit like us, humans, at times! Throughout our lives, we seek our own path, in some cases, away from the herd, at times, even misunderstood! What we often forget is that we all share a common root. We have a common origin and are parts of the whole, even though we may think we are different. Wonder, why we tend to forget the fact!


Joining Parul Thakur with her post based on the theme, #Thursday Tree Love – where Parul brings you her #treelove picture and links to other beautiful ‘tree’ posts from the week. If you would like to play along, post a picture of a tree and link it back to her post. Let’s appreciate Nature around us!

#SkywatchFriday – 45


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Over the last few days we’ve seen plenty of torrential downpours in the city and this has been a blessing for Bengalureans who have been waiting to see a dip in the mercury after the unusually hot summer this year. The sweltering hot days suddenly gave way to a slight nip in the air and dark storm clouds shook up the skies bringing down heavy downpours almost every day. As the sky opened up, one could spot strands of wispy clouds floating about, changing hues with the setting sun. On one particular day, the sky turned a dramatic pink. I noticed it at the very last minute and grabbed a quick shot on my cell phone.

For today’s #Skywatch post, am sharing here a few random shots from the past few days, all taken on my iPhone, which show the changing skies and its’ changing moods.

The last couple of days has been busy for me. I’ve been trying to recover from a very busy weekend, celebrating A’s 13th birthday with a party at home which meant a lot of games, a movie, plenty of noise and excitement just the way A wanted it to be. We had 12 of his friends coming over to spend the Saturday evening with us. If I tell you that their ages ranged from 7-14, you’ll have some idea of the noise they made, their excited voices reaching so high that hubby had to quieten them down, every now and then. A watched patiently, as he is prone to do on such occasions, a trifle embarrassed at times, with some of the little ones who continued to shout about one thing or the other.

Fortunately, most things that evening went according to plan and everyone seemed to have a great time. Though tiring on the whole, hubby, self and the visiting grandparents enjoyed the evening and were glad to see their smiling faces of the kids, as they left with their return gifts. After all, birthdays are special occasions and we did our best to make it special for our teen who seemed to be very pleased about it, much to our relief! To be honest, you never know what’s in their mind, especially when they’re in their teens, do you?

For the coming weekend, I have nothing planned, except that I’d love to snatch a few hours to devote to writing and reading. Not sure, how far that would be possible, knowing how crazy weekends can be, but that’s the rough plan. If I manage to get some photography done, it’ll be an added bonus!

So, here’s wishing you all a lovely weekend, and hope to catch up over the following week again. Until then, have fun, enjoy doing what you love best, and relax, as weekends are meant to be. 🙂

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Standing Alone – #ThursdayTreeLove 7


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Travels bring along memories, don’t they? Last month, when I got back from a wonderful road trip, I carried plenty of moments captured on my cell phone and my handy Sony camera. It was only during the last weekend that I got the time and the opportunity to have a look at them. I thought of sharing this for today’s #TreeLove post because it has something special for me.

This image reminds me of that evening when I stood on the deck of the hotel, where we had just arrived a few hours before. For some strange reason, this tree seemed to grab my attention. There was something very striking in the way it stood, tall and upright in spite of being a lone tree, away from the rest of its kind, as if it was ready for any fate, that came its’ way.

Have you ever wondered how, some people appear to be so complete in themselves, even when they seem to be walking alone? This tree seemed to me a bit like that.

Below, I could see the rolling hills, over which was spread out the beautiful town of Ooty, our destination for the next three days. After a while, I decided to step out for a walk. As I went up to the tree, the sky turned from a pale yellow to a sombre pink, while daylight gently gave way to dusk.

Something very serene and peaceful swept over me as I spent those quiet minutes standing beside the lone tree. Trees have souls, don’t they? I can tell you, they do.


Joining Parul Thakur with her amazing post based on the theme, #Thursday Tree Love – a new photo feature on her blog.

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#WordlessWednesday – 28


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‘Lungs of the World.’  

(A random pic taken at the Mysore Zoo, that made me wonder – “Are we taking heed of what is been said? Are we thinking before destroying our trees and our forests? Are we even sparing a thought for the generations we are leaving behind?”

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#SkywatchFriday 44

Sharing unusually blue skies that we Bangaloreans seem to have been blessed with, over the last couple of days. It has been an unusually hot summer, verging on the unbearable kind. But, since last week, the rain gods have been rather kind on us it seems. Everyone I meet thinks that this short spell of rain has brought down the soaring mercury levels giving us some respite from the menacing weather.

I grabbed these sky shots on the go, while running errands this morning on my cellphone. Right now, I am enjoying the blissful soothing climate in my city, grateful for the clear blue sky, the glorious day and the lush greens all around looking fresh and hydrated as ever. Little blessings of life fill me up. How is it in your city?

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