Maqbool comes on his regular round every day around this time. Since we moved to this neighbourhood almost a month back, I have got used to the honking usually coinciding with my busy mornings.

In between clearing the sink and getting the dirty dishes out, I usually catch him standing under the shade of the mango tree, picking up conversation with the passers by.

Seeing him with that genial smile, I often wonder how he makes a living from the fruit that he sells. Some days, people bargain even when they know that his fruits are much better and healthier than the ones sold in the supermarkets.

Instead, they walk away victorious, thinking that they saved those ten extra bucks!

Wonder whose gain it is?

Just a passing thought!

Happy to link this to the prompt #100WordsonSaturday, which was a challenge nonetheless! The concept excited me and I decided to take it up, considering that it is only about writing a 100 words (so much easier!) based on a prompt given every week, in the form of a story, a poem or a piece of non-fiction.
This week’s prompt was picture: