This week onwards, I am participating in the Skywatch Friday, a place where you get to enjoy the different skies and views from all around the globe. Skywatch is as good as the people who post here and if you, like me, enjoy a good capture of the skies every now and then, it promises to be a fun place to post and link from. Do check out the above link to visit their stunning collection of pictures and have a great weekend ahead 🙂


A splash of gold in an overcast sky!

A shot of the Western fringes of the sky in the city of Bangalore, when the clouds gave way to a sunset during an unprecedented bout of heavy rains in Southern India.

This time of the year usually sees a clear November sky with orange streaks splashing across the western horizon, before a sombre cloak of purple envelopes it from across from the East and wraps it in. With the appearance of the evening star, thousands of shimmering stars from all across appear to dot the night sky.

This year, however, due to five unprecedented low-pressure troughs, we have not seen those gorgeous sunsets in days, hence, waiting perhaps for that elusive moment when we can catch the dusk between those dark and gloomy hours.

This was one such moment…a sunset that slipped by, within seconds of being captured in the frame!

There’s a special quality to the loneliness of dusk, a melancholy more brooding even than the night’s.