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It was a busy start to the day when I set off to drop my son to school this morning, as he has been unwell for the past two days with sore throat and fever. I had a million things rushing inside my head, as we stopped at the traffic lights. The road was choc-a-bloc with traffic and there was no way that we could navigate past the cars to reach school which was only about 10-15 minutes away. We were certainly going to be late I thought.

Call it a test of patience or what you will, but there was little else to do but to sit quietly and wait. It was frustrating, to say the least…My to-do list for the day, was dangling (metaphorically speaking) before my eyes as I was trying to work out a rescheduling of the tasks for the rest of the morning. I wondered why they call it the ‘rush-hour’, when nothing moves?!

The next minute, I looked out of the window, I noticed the azure blue sky and the tree-lined road ahead, especially one with cherry blossoms that looked very beautiful. For a minute, I had forgotten the traffic and the fact that we were already late for school. I paused my mind for a few minutes to soak in the peace and quiet as all around me chaos reigned supreme. Nature surely has a way of making us calm and patient in a way few things can. I told myself it wasn’t worth stressing about. Fortunately, Arjyo kept his cool too and did not get flustered at all, knowing how he hated being late for the assembly!

I took out my iPhone to grab a quick shot of the beautiful blossoms and the trees, which I’m sharing here with you. It was a while before the cars literally inched their way forward, and we made way to our destination, 40 minutes behind schedule, but glad the ordeal was behind us! What a morning!!

The way back seemed much shorter thanks to those relaxed, warbling, crooning numbers, courtesy Dean Martin! Needless to say, it was pure bliss! I reached home late but relaxed, enough to catch my breath before getting on with the rest of the day.

As I sign off, I wish each of you a relaxed andeasy weekend, no matter how busy you are going to be. Don’t sweat it out on irrelevant things…life is way bigger than that! Happy weekend! See you next week 🙂

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