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March is on its’ way out and the temperatures are peaking close to 40 degrees in Bengaluru – the city where I live. Many people I know are showing symptoms of a heat stroke (yes, it is that bad!!!) Predictions show that this will increase further in the coming months, which is a little unsettling for all of us and we are bracing up for tough times ahead.

At the end of an exhausting week and a sweltering Friday, I’m sharing two very contrasting shots – one by yours truly and the other shot by my hubby Jay (photography is his forte, as you can tell!) taken during his very recent trip to Helsinki. Mine, as you will see, is one of those usual everyday captures of our life in a busy metro, that is presently in the grips of soaring mercury levels throwing everyone into a tizzy! The other, of far-flung Helsinki, is worlds apart, where snow is still very much a part of the landscape.

Here is my pic:


And this is Jay’s shot:


Hope you are going to enjoy these pics and make the most of the coming weekend.

P.S. True to the tradition we follow every year, we had a little round of fun and play celebrating Holi, the Spring Festival or as it is better known as, the Festival of Colours. To all our friends across the world, here’s wishing you Happy Easter as well!

Wishing you all a laid back, easy and relaxing time ahead. Mine promises to be a hectic one as I’m going to have guests over on Sunday and loads of pending work to catch up on, before that.

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