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The swirling clouds fill in my morning skies. Gone are the glorious dawns when streaks of red and orange filled in every conceivable part of the sky, peeping down through the softly floating masses of cotton-like clouds!

These days, the greyness seems all encompassing and one can’t tell morning from evening or the East from the West, because the skies all around look exactly the same.

My living room has a pile of papers that lie unattended while I tend to the morning chores – the daily routine of mundane tasks that need to get done before I have the luxury to sit and write again.

The only break comes when I rush to pick up the clothes that are on the drying line just before a heavy downpour forces me to leave everything and run to the balcony.

The rains come and go intermittently through the day, in between my passing thoughts, that swing between past memories of rainy mornings and a swarm of faces of the people who crowd my present; of things I have yet to tick in from my to-do lists and fleeting tunes of half- forgotten songs that used to be my favourites once upon a time! Amazing how the mind straddles between diverse worlds and we get caught up in the quagmire of shifting memories!

Another cloudy day for you, did you say? As I settle into my second cup of tea, I seem to have taken countless trips back and forth, before I get my laptop ready to start my post!

So, what does your sky have in store for you today? I am joining Yogi, Sandy, and Sylvia at #SkywatchFriday and looking forward to enjoying all the different skies.  This is where bloggers from all across the world link up their posts and visit as many bloggers, in different countries and different hemispheres. What binds us all is our love of the sky. So, join in and have fun.

Wishing everyone a lovely relaxing weekend ahead! Good day everyone!