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In Bengaluru, the city where I live, we are in the midst of the monsoons! It isn’t just raining these days, it’s pouring. It is that time of the year when the dark looming clouds weaves its spell on us as we set out on a busy morning. On most days, we leave home armed with our brollies and raincoats, all prepared for  that tumultuous rain and yet, we’ve all been caught in  a torrential downpour. The hour when the sun sets beyond the horizon is never the same on any two days, and never is this more obvious, than on rainy June evenings.

Well, every season has its own magic….the best thing for me in this rainy season is to enjoy the varying moods of the skies and be ready for the ‘here-comes-rain and here-comes-sunshine kind of weather. The key to making the most of this season is to savour it all – the colours, the moods, the scents, the subtle, mysterious light, the poetry, the heightened expectations, the kind of beauty that made your heart miss a beat, the music you choose to go with it and things that remind you of the warm memories of the days gone by! Or, you may choose to do nothing of this sort at all, if you happen to be the pragmatic, practical type who might not find that this season has anything to do with your emotions or your heart. Whatever be your type, enjoy doing what you love best. The dark skies are here to stay for now and I better get going with writing my post, watching the rains and enjoying a hot cuppa!

Since the new school term has started, my twelve-year-old has been juggling with his school work, tests and co-curricular activities. There’s always too much to do and too little time. The jump from fifth grade to the sixth has been a quantum leap as the number of subjects have doubled overnight. These days, evenings are the only time we get to spend time together, as I catch up on the days happenings and get to know the highs and the lows of the day.

Last Tuesday, was one such evening. As I was helping Arjyo with a project, I chanced upon, rather fleetingly, upon a beautiful purple-blue sky and a gorgeous streak of light that splashed across a very overcast horizon. In a split second, I knew I had to capture that. I ran for my camera, but realised, that it had run out of charge. All I could do was to grab my iPhone and take a quick shot before the colours ran out. We both agreed that work could wait and rushed out to the balcony to catch this absolutely gorgeous sunset! Luckily, he is as much a nature lover! While he looked on, I got a few more shots on my phone. Soon, it grew dark and nothing was visible anymore.



It was wonderfully soothing to witness the magic of another day setting in. There are times in our lives when we do not need words to savour the moment. This was one of those.

Often, when I see children, head dug deep into their cell phones, busy playing games, I shudder to imagine Arjyo as one of them. I have been consciously working hard over the last couple of years, to keep him away from gadgets, hoping that he can stay away from those temptations for as long as possible. I hope he continues to enjoy reading, doodling and writing stories and letting his imagination run riot on his drawing books and enjoying his board games. On such rainy evenings, I always wish he has the horizon to look ahead of him in a literal and a metaphorical way! I’m so grateful that he still believes that few things give him as much joy as nature does. That is perhaps why we enjoy spending time together exploring the outdoors whenever we travel and tuck into our favourite books on rainy afternoons when we’re stuck indoors. The little blessings of life, I guess. It takes very little to make us happy, doesn’t it? It’s an inside job I believe.

So, how has it been for you this week? I guess, with a busy week going by, it’s time to unwind. If you’re enjoying the monsoon weather, well, then, enjoy the rains, listen to your favourite music, watch a film, enjoy the moment with a loved one, cuddle up with a book or simply do what you love doing best. Have a fun and relaxing weekend. Leaving you with a favourite quote from Thoreau, this week:

Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.

Before you leave, please do not forget to leave your comments. Do you love the rains or does it bother you – the mess, the muck and the creepy crawlies  all around us? What’s your favourite pastime when you’re holed up at home on a rainy day?