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Every Friday I bring you a slice of the sky that I share with millions and yet, is mine to treasure. This time, I’m back after almost a month to bring you #SkywatchFriday.

A lot has been going on over the last few weeks. Not done much writing but have been able to spend quality time with family, done plenty of cooking healthy meals, tried out new recipes, renewed my exercise regime with some good results and some much-needed decluttering, which has been very satisfying.

The weather here has been very unpredictable, but the skies have dazzled us with those magical, mesmerizing moments, every now and then. Occasionally, I’ve been able to grab a quick capture and here are some of the recent sky shots for you. The plethora of colours on a grey cloud-filled sky being much more magical as you can see here:


After a busy week, I’m sure you all are looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Do make sure you take the time to pause and do the things you love to do. Feel fresh and energised to take on the week ahead. See you again soon!🙂

Linking this with #Skywatch Friday, a community of great sky watchers presenting you with stunning sky views from all around the world.