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Half past 12. Struck by insomnia, while the rest of the household sleep!

All the noise around has died down slowly over the past hour. No more passing cars or honking bikes. Who’d imagine this silence during the day with a temple nearby that continuously plays songs and chants all day? Glad to have that respite, any day!

The only sound right now is that of my fingers tapping away on the keyboard and the humming of the ceiling fan in a typical rhythm, a kind of droning hum. Far away, all the neighbourhood street dogs are calling out. They’re fighting, or so it seems!

The sound of silence breaks my train of thoughts. I do not wish to wake up tired and sleepy but I’m afraid that’s exactly how it will be tomorrow when I have to wake up at an unearthly hour and begin my day.

Music couldn’t rescue me today but perhaps counting sheep will. Wonder if it was because of the evening tea that I badly needed to keep me going this evening when I was almost half dead with fatigue? Just a passing thought.

Okay, I need to switch off my laptop, take off the earplugs, switch off the lights and head to bed…Shut my eyes and start counting. 1-2-3. Back to the basics, once again!

Did you ever struggle with insomnia? How do you deal with it when you have a busy day coming the next morning? 

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