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Hello everyone! Welcome to Skywatch Friday!

Today, I bring you three gorgeous sunset pics from this week. We had mostly cloudy skies all week, interspersed with some rain, but not enough rain to meet the needs of those of us who reside in this state, as we grapple with a water crisis involving a neighbouring state. There is reason to worry, if things go haywire. So, fingers crossed, hope things get sorted soon.

There was some agitation again during the middle of the week, that went by, without disturbing life in the city, so, in many ways, we are all grateful that the schools and offices have been able to function normally. Especially so, after we’ve had a series of strikes and a rather violent turn of events about 10 days back, right in the heart of our city.

So, how was the week going by, for you? I’ve had an uneventful week but grateful that we all managed to get on with our lives and our everyday work without any major hassles. Times such as these, one is grateful for the peace, the comforts and the little blessings of life that let us move on, in spite of the odds.

Here, are the images from the three evenings – each unique in its’ beauty.




Enjoy these and take it easy over the weekend. My 12-year-old starts his semester exams from tomorrow so, I’m staying put this weekend catching up with work and reading. I will be sad to miss three fantastic plays coming to the city with some of my favourite casts. Next time, perhaps 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the sunset pics. In case you liked any of them, don’t forget to let me know in the comments below. Have a great week, friends and relax doing what you love best. See you again soon!🙂

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