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A little break can often do a lot of good, as I just discovered, having returned from a short trip to the beautiful backwaters of Kerala. One might argue that a new place and new surroundings are a great way to unwind anyway, but what I found out was that more than anything, it was actually getting away from our daily routine which made the real difference. It was a last minute decision to get away from the city’s chaos mainly to escape the noise and the pollution of Diwali, but it is amazing how even a short 3-day break can work wonders for our mind, body and soul.

On Day One of the holiday I woke up very early (true to my routine) only to remind myself that I could very well do with a little lie-in for a little longer. So, not only did I wake up late, I also didn’t bother rushing through tasks, as I would otherwise do. There was a rough plan for the day ahead but most of the time, we went ahead with how our instincts led us. At a time when we’re usually busy juggling chores, handling meetings and calls, we were taking a leisurely stroll in the lush green lawns by the lagoon, soaking in the beauty and enjoying the unhurried pace of the day. Busy working on a lump of clay at the potter’s wheel, I was glad I didn’t have to worry about fixing breakfast, or cooking lunch and dinner over the next three days.What bliss!

It was such a relief that we had no deadlines to meet, and no chores to worry about. It was wonderful to switch off from the digital world and live in the moment. The time spent together as a family, undoubtedly, the best thing. With so much free time to think, I had plenty of exciting ideas for my writing and training projects coming up shortly. Ah, what a luxury, time was! I could savour every waking moment to enjoy that kind of luxury.

Now, I’m a great believer in the daily routine. To me, it is almost a ritual that keeps me sane because it keeps me on a schedule, on the task and keeps me moving when things get rough (which can be often). It also gives me my space and a structure to work within. But, the boring predictability of life can sometimes be a drag on the mind that constantly straddles between the twin worlds of personal and professional commitments.

Breaking the routine helped us come back with renewed zest and energy.

Just as, artists often break the rules — carefully and intentionally and create something new, different, and surprising, so is it with us. I feel sometimes life, energy, and creativity are found outside of our usual routine. Would you agree?

Some food for thought on a Monday morning.

Does a break from the routine make sense to you? Do you feel/think it is necessary to look for energy, creativity and life outside of our usual routine? Do share your thoughts in the comments below. 


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