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Hi everybody!

It’s the end of the week and a Friday and am back with my SkywatchFriday post once again, to take you along to the calm and serene backwaters in Kerala.

Last week, I had shared some shots of the scenery around the resort where we stayed and the views of the backwaters from the inland. Today, we get onto a houseboat for a ride on the backwaters and catch a glimpse of the beautiful lake called Vembanad.

The leisurely boat ride will take you through lush green paddy fields, with the backwaters being almost on the same level as the land, so you will find yourself going past the colourful walls of the village houses; men and women going about their daily chores, children marching to school, the well-rounded rice barges and punted canoes and toddy shops – all along a watery world, almost like a passing tableau of sorts!


Make sure as you set foot into the houseboat, you carry your drink of tender coconut water on the shell. Relax as you take a seat and sail along with me.


You will feel the beauty of its rustic surroundings on the banks and the snake boats in the distance, waiting with fishermen ready for the catch of the day.


And, from the corner of your eye, you may catch sight of the pristine blue Vembanad and feel the aura of the mighty lake all around!


To be honest, it is only when you are in the midst of the water, that you get an actual feel of the scale of the lake and why it is called the largest in the state and the longest in the country.


This is where the lake meets the ocean and spreads out into the vast blue Arabian Sea, a little further ahead.

You might find yourself so relaxed that you’d wish to stay on forever, in which case, do plan a real trip to the backwaters sometime soon and immerse yourself in the beauty that you will only find here.

Azure. Calm. Tranquil. A perfect way to unwind, relax and connect with yourself.

So, tell me how did you find my sky shots this week? Need I tell you I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you, so please do leave your thoughts/feedback in the comments section below.

Joining for #SkywatchFriday is great fun and very simple. Put together a few sky shots from your part of the world and post them here. There are loads of links to visit and comment over there, so don’t give it a miss.

Have a wonderfully relaxed weekend!🙂

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