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A Friday again and time for the sky shots. This is going to be the last #Skywatch post of this year for me as I take a short blogging break over the last few days before the year draws to a close and it feels kind of special putting together some of the best sky views from the weeks gone by. But, tell me first, how did your week go? Do let me know if you’re participating in #SkywatchFriday, coz I’d love to visit the skies from your part of the world, too.

My week was very productive and with Jay away from home, traveling on work, I had my hands full, trying to manage everything as seamlessly as possible. I know I don’t need to be perfect, but some days, just being able to do most of the things well enough left me feeling very grateful.

Yesterday, our young man (who is in grade 6) participated in a school presentation intended mainly for the parents. They’d made a few handcrafted items in groups over the preceding weeks, while at school, and yesterday was the day when they actually sold their products. Going through the entire life-cycle of a product, right from ideation, production, marketing and selling was crucial in teaching them the basics of entrepreneurship- in a way, serving as a starting point for future learning. With a capital of Rs 1200, Arjyo’s group ended the day with a total revenue of Rs 4500, which I thought was actually quite impressive! The proceeds are intended to be given to charity, while the capital will be returned to the parents. Wonderful idea, I think – in teaching them how much their creativity can pay off when they put their hearts and minds to something like this, and, of course, working for a better cause.

And now, for the captures of our Bangalore skies.

Mostly shot during sunrise and sunset – my favourite time of the day for any sky capture, tell me what do you think of the magical splash of colours? May I add these are all shot on my iPhone, and are all quick captures essentially, and thus, no comparison with the quality of shots taken on a DSLR. Nonetheless, if you like any of them, do let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

If you love sky watching, you could join in scores of sky lovers who put their best shots from the week in their posts. The linky is open over the next five days, so do join in, if you please. The bonus for you, is that you can get wonderfully de-stressed as you indulge in the simple pleasures of skywatching. Haven’t done it? Do try it. At least, once. And see for yourself. Wake up a little earlier than usual on a weekend and watch out from the best view point close to you. Grab a shot and you’ve got it. Trust me, when I say, I’ve been able to convince quite a few people to do this and they love it now.🙂

As the hour to unwind and enjoy arrives, it brings with it fairy lights – turns our homes festive!! Those treasured gifts stacked up at the foot of the beautifully decorated Christmas trees, the smell of good food and the wonderful company of friends and family that urges us all to join in…

Merry Christmas to all of you, dear friends! Wishing you a wonderful time of joy, laughter and merriment! May the warmth of love, joy and sharing light up your lives and those of your loved ones! Happy New Year in advance 🙂

Until next week!

(Linking this with #Skywatch Friday, where sky watchers post beautiful sky shots from different parts of the world.)