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Hello friends! It feels wonderful to be back after a long gap of five weeks for today’s Skywatch.

Since I went on a break, I’ve been busy traveling, capturing sky shots, exercising my brain and my mind, practising yoga and delving deeper into the art of breathing, as mentioned in my previous post.

For today’s Skywatch, I’m bringing you shots from my recent trip to Mumbai, which not only gave me a chance to view some of the best colonial-era architectures, amid the teeming millions and their seemingly boundless energy, but also some wonderful bazaars selling an amazing array of commodities in a city with an eclectic mix of traditions, customs, people and cultures. All this, whilst we’ve been enjoying the gorgeous views of the Arabian Sea from some of the best places in the city.

What I loved most about Mumbai was the energy and the pace with which it moves, the towering skyscrapers, reflecting the vast scale of the city that stride way ahead of most others in the country. The last time I was there, I was staying with a relative in one of the suburbs. This time, though, I was lucky to be staying in the heart of town with some of the most impressive sea-facing views from the 26th floor! I could just spend every waking minute by the window, soaking in the sight, watching people moving about in the leisure hours, as the waves ceaselessly crashed on the giant concrete blocks throughout the day.

The mornings usually offered a breathtaking sight of the distant towers against an azure sky, slowly clearing up from the haze and shining with the first rays of the Sun. Being mindful of the moment, I have been observing the minutest details, through each transition, for every moment has a beauty entirely of its own, that makes it so unique and yet so transient. As a way to capture them, I have also been taking shots of sky views from the different places within the city.

Below is the view of the Arabian Sea, that we woke up to, in the mornings. Notice the reflections in the waters, which kept changing through the course of the day.

Those are the the pigeons in flight at the Gateway of India, a popular and a very important place of historical and tourist interest, frequented by all visitors to Mumbai (we were no exception!).The boats, the skyline and the majestic monument all unmistakeably adding to the charm of this place.

img_6476Above, is the view from the Hanging Gardens atop a hill in the upscale Malabar Hill area. Notice the views of a section of Nariman Point and Cuffe Parade, beyond, in the far right. In the foreground, is a rather placid Arabian Sea.

Tree-watching is a favourite pastime that yours truly revels in, especially while visiting new places. I cannot help notice how the landscape changes and gives each place its unique topography. This one is during one such tree gazing moment at the Hanging Gardens. I was focusing on capturing a shot of the horizon in the distance, when I chanced to look up and notice how the Sun shone through the beautiful branches of this tree.

On our last day, we headed for the Girgaum Chowpatty, where we saw the evening unfold into dusk and at twilight when the lights came on, there was a steady influx of crowds, waiting to unwind and let go their hurried paces to savour time with the loved ones. This image tries to capture that hour.

As you can see, the sights were varied and very different, as they were all from different vantage points of the city.

So, how was your week and how did your sky look like? Do share your shots and join up for Skywatch. If you leave your link in the comments below, I would love to visit your blog to see the views in your part of the world too. In the meantime, relax and have a wonderfully relaxing weekend. Hoping to see you again soon. 🙂

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