This Skywatch Friday post is somewhat different. Today, I’m sharing a set of three Haikus to go along with the image of a spectacular sunset, that I was lucky enough to witness this week. Nothing unusual one might argue for our Bangalore skies. Yet another way in which Nature can be very fascinating for those who love it that even the diurnal movements of the earth can be a source of bliss to those of us who enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

I’m still learning the art of expressing myself through Haikus. It may seem apparently easy as a form but, to me, remains challenging, nonetheless. This is my third Haiku post, and am excited at trying my hand at it again. So, here goes:



Look, dusk treads coyly,

Wrapping her arms in embrace

over azure skies.

The splash of fire 

unleashes a glow that spreads

deep into my soul.

Time stands still awhile,

as night wraps her cloak around,

darkness gently falls.

©Esha Mookerjee Dutta. March 2017.


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