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Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.


It’s a thought that came to my mind this morning while I was about to mark a date in my diary to see my homeopath. I looked back to last year when I grappled with a particularly stubborn set of health conditions that had restricted my life in ways beyond what I could ever imagine. Having lived far too long waiting for things to change on the exterior for me, I had just realized I hadn’t really worked to effect those changes anyway.

Today, I look back to that day a year ago, when I took the very first step to initiating the necessary changes in my lifestyle. Practicing mindfulness and combining it with therapeutic yoga, has helped me to address not just the physical aspects of my well being but the mind as well. This, coupled with meditation, has been continuously helping me sustain myself in spite of the varying demands being placed on my time, energy and resources. Over the months, I’ve been able to see how my inner strength and energy levels have improved, while the stressors have nearly halved.

In the past, although I was keen to see things change, I’d been hesitant to go in for any major upheavals as I felt they’d be unsettling. Thinking about it only made it worse.

But once I started, I self-propelled myself into going further and further. Now, I can safely admit it was actually the small changes I’ve been doing on a daily basis that helped me reach a happier place -those ‘small’ things, I can tell you, were actually not so small, after all. Like:

  • Starting the mornings with a positive thought.
  • Practicing an hour of yoga and 10-minutes of meditation, six days a week.
  • Sustaining the new ‘habits’ on a daily basis, (in other words, not skipping my exercises).
  • Dumping all the mental baggage I’ve been carrying for years by constant practice and learning to let go of bad memories and negative thoughts/people from my life.
  • Devoting some time to a hobby every day.
  • Writing my heart out on a blog post or in my diary, even on days when I’m stuck for words.
  • Planning my social and work commitments in alignment with my newly set-up fitness goals.

But, of course, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have bad days. The journey to self-improvement has never been easy. Thanks to difficult times I’ve been miserable and frustrated every now and then when I wanted to shut myself away from the world. Thankfully, over time, the changes began to show up. Patience, persistence and tenacity have certainly helped me pull through. The anxieties and the stresses have now gone for good. I am fitter and my limitations are no longer there as before. I still have a lot to work on as I have new goals to chase now.

But what really helped me was taking things one day at a time. I can say this with conviction today – Life cannot improve by chance. It can only improve with change. Waking up every morning and telling myself that I can do it, reinforces my will power and leaves me with a very empowering feeling. I know I still have a long way to go, but as a work in progress whenever I look into the mirror, I can see how I’m becoming a better version of myself, one step at a time, every day.

Are you on the road to self-improvement too? How does it feel to be on one? Do you have any tips to offer those trying to balance between living life and working on failings/limitations? 



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