For the last couple of days, I’ve been in a dilemma.

There’s this sense of uneasiness about a few things that I’ve been trying to work out with regard to my blog and writing in general. Along with it, there’s been an inner compulsion to tie up a few niggling ends on the personal front too. I’d been in two minds when I found myself signing up for the #A-Z Blogging challenge earlier this month. Having decided to brave it, I did the theme reveal and even wrote 18 posts so far. But, now, I’m beginning to realise that I’m not in a position to commit to the rigors of the challenge which means a big investment in terms of the time I spend online.

This comes especially when my attention is going to be divided between the many responsibilities that I will be juggling over the next two months, along with travel and the time spent with elderly parents who come visiting this time. It is, therefore, with a heavy heart, that I’m opting out of the blogging challenge.

In the past, I’ve pushed myself to take on added challenges quite a few times and have found it to be a wonderfully enriching experience, later. But, this year, I’m taking a conscious decision to step back, no matter how tempting it feels to jump in, along with everyone else.

To everyone who cheered me on this one, by your encouraging words on my theme reveal post, all I can say is, I hope you understand why I do not wish to take on added pressure, which will neither benefit me nor my writing!

I know I’ll be missing the fun of being part of this frenzy but at the same time, I’m also hoping that this will give me a little break so that I can come back rejuvenated and fresh with ideas. On that positive note, let me sign off.

All the very best to all the participants of the A-Z. I will be reading your posts whenever time permits and cheering you on!

Good luck, everybody:)