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This has been a month of work, rest, travel and quality time with the families and the parents. Even though I’m always grateful for all the good times, there has also been a lot that’s been weighing on my mind, over the past few weeks.

Blogging has been put on hold and life has been very high on the priority list with the parents’ visits. With their delicate health and numerous ailments, it was a pleasant surprise that we were able to manage our 7-day family trip rather smoothly, despite the few initial hiccups. But, this has also been a month of introspection and as always, the word itself brings in more questions than the mind is prepared to answer. 

As it happens, some days, we wake up hopeful, and those are the days that I like best because I feel I can take on anything, any blow, any hurt that life throws at me. And then there are the days that just take away all the light out of the soul, and those are the days that I dread because I lose my strength and my will power to stay optimistic and hopeful. Everything seems to pull me down then. Like today.

I know I’m far from perfect and all my failings haunt me – all those things that I need to forget, or overlook…all those things that I need to stop remembering and those that I need to totally wipe out of my mind. I need something to set me free today.

So, here’s a note to the self – to win my positive streak back, to bring back the light and wisdom and let them in, to brighten the inner recesses of my mind and heart. Here’s what I tell myself:  

  • Be consistent with working towards your goals.
  • Remember, this is your journey, your body, and your spirit. Don’t let others dictate it.
  • Let trust, faith and instinct guide you, instead of letting worry in.
  • Nobody is worth stressing over, so walk past the hurt and move on.  
  • Remember you’re far more capable than you think.
  • Make yourself a priority. That’s your longest commitment anyway.
  • Don’t measure your progress, using someone else’s ruler.
  • Quit taking medicines for other people’s illnesses.
  • You don’t have to attend every argument you’re invited to.
  • Quit waiting for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden.
  • No matter how often you hear it, believe that you’re enough
  • You are a work-in-progress, remember. 
  • Be real rather than perfect.
  • Sometimes, you have to stop caring too much.
  • More than anything, be kind to yourself. Ask yourself, if not now, when?

Nothing new about these mantras. But what makes them relevant to me is how shifting priorities demand the order be revised from time to time. I don’t know about you, but I, for one, depend on these reminders to wake me up from my stupor, and bring back the focus on what is relevant at the time.

Going through the list, did you realize why we need to stop being too hard on ourselves and learn to forgive? Some days, believe it or not, that’s all we need to do to be able to smile and bring our mojo back. 

What are your mantras? If you were to suggest me just ONE more thing to add to the above list, what would it be? 

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