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Over the last few days we’ve seen plenty of torrential downpours in the city and this has been a blessing for Bengalureans who have been waiting to see a dip in the mercury after the unusually hot summer this year. The sweltering hot days suddenly gave way to a slight nip in the air and dark storm clouds shook up the skies bringing down heavy downpours almost every day. As the sky opened up, one could spot strands of wispy clouds floating about, changing hues with the setting sun. On one particular day, the sky turned a dramatic pink. I noticed it at the very last minute and grabbed a quick shot on my cell phone.

For today’s #Skywatch post, am sharing here a few random shots from the past few days, all taken on my iPhone, which show the changing skies and its’ changing moods.

The last couple of days has been busy for me. I’ve been trying to recover from a very busy weekend, celebrating A’s 13th birthday with a party at home which meant a lot of games, a movie, plenty of noise and excitement just the way A wanted it to be. We had 12 of his friends coming over to spend the Saturday evening with us. If I tell you that their ages ranged from 7-14, you’ll have some idea of the noise they made, their excited voices reaching so high that hubby had to quieten them down, every now and then. A watched patiently, as he is prone to do on such occasions, a trifle embarrassed at times, with some of the little ones who continued to shout about one thing or the other.

Fortunately, most things that evening went according to plan and everyone seemed to have a great time. Though tiring on the whole, hubby, self and the visiting grandparents enjoyed the evening and were glad to see their smiling faces of the kids, as they left with their return gifts. After all, birthdays are special occasions and we did our best to make it special for our teen who seemed to be very pleased about it, much to our relief! To be honest, you never know what’s in their mind, especially when they’re in their teens, do you?

For the coming weekend, I have nothing planned, except that I’d love to snatch a few hours to devote to writing and reading. Not sure, how far that would be possible, knowing how crazy weekends can be, but that’s the rough plan. If I manage to get some photography done, it’ll be an added bonus!

So, here’s wishing you all a lovely weekend, and hope to catch up over the following week again. Until then, have fun, enjoy doing what you love best, and relax, as weekends are meant to be. 🙂

Linking this with #Skywatch Friday, where people post beautiful sky shots from different parts of the world.)