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This is the first time I’m participating in the #BarAThon – a blogging Challenge which involves blogging on alternate days from Jun 17 – Jun 30, 2017. For each of the seven days, bloggers are free to choose either a theme or one of the several prompts or both.

I have chosen the prompt – ‘the fault is in the stares.’ Here’s my take on it.

staring face

She holds the wired fence

to catch your gaze,

her hungry eyes following yours,

as you sit by the window,

unwrapping your meal,

tucking into the edges of the burger.

She swallows her thirst,

unbeknownst to you.

For a minute, your eyes meet hers

transfixed on you,

following your hand,

While you catch up with a friend.

She stands alone

driven by the pangs of hunger

but, who really cares?

Yet another day to go hungry again,

and you say, the fault is in the stares?


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