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Good Morning! How are you doing this Monday morning?

A little thought for myself and for everyone who is reading this today, as we begin another busy week ahead. I’ve had a wonderful weekend and have actually had a good time catching up with a friend who came visiting after almost a year. What’s more, I even found the time to catch up on my reading —something I’m totally chuffed about. So, if you wish to know what went wrong, I will admit I’m clueless.

Having wrapped up on a positive note last night, I was naturally a bit surprised and disappointed to wake up feeling drained, depressed and totally out of sorts. Not my usual positive self at all, I was also lacking in energy and felt I could see all my cracks sticking out sorely, reminding me of things that I’m happy to forget and move on.

I avoid such thoughts as a general rule. But, I hate this happening on a Monday morning because it upsets my routine. The morning ritual is a great help on such days. The five rounds of walking in the park usually works wonders for me to get over my sluggishness followed by a 30 minute-session of yoga to infuse energy back into my mind, body and soul. This should have worked on a normal day, but won’t for some reason, today. I think still not good enough to bring back the positivity. Tell me, do you have days like this?

I know being grateful enormously helps! So, today, I’m telling myself about all the amazing things that I’m blessed with. I’m beginning with a burst of positive reinforcements and accepting my cracks just as they are. Perhaps everyone is a little broken. Nobody is whole but what makes a difference is what we choose to do with it. I’m setting an intention for the day to do something positive, to tackle my demons and ensure they don’t control me instead. I’m being grateful for having a loving family, a beautiful day to start my day with and an amazing band of fellow bloggers and writers who continue to inspire me through their words, as I deal with my ups and downs.

I’m deeply indebted to blogging because it makes me reflect, think and write on bad days and makes me see my cracks and still smile because I can see there is light at the other end, all I need is to give myself some time.

The cracks are there for a reason, don’t you think?


How do you deal with such a day? What’s that one thing that never fails to lift the spirit when you’re faced with one?

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