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This is a familiar sight for anyone who is flying out from the Bengaluru International Airport. These tall palms usually never fail to catch one’s attention at the approach of the Terminal 1 building. I’ve always thought that they seem to bear a silent testimony to the travelers who set foot in this burgeoning city every day, from all across the globe. They must be witness to myriad moods— of happy homecomings and silent goodbyes, of tears and smiles, and every conceivable emotion there is. I guess there are a few like me, who would find their beauty striking, standing proudly as they do, against the ever-changing Bangalore sky!

Whatever it is, one thing is for sure….every time I pass by, these trees seem to whisper that the countdown to an exciting trip is just minutes away! It has been a while since the last one…wonder where and when the next will be!


Joining Parul Thakur with her post based on the theme, #Thursday Tree Love –where she brings you her #tree picture and links to other beautiful ‘tree’ posts from the week before. If you would like to play along, post a picture of a tree and link it back to her post. Let’s appreciate Nature around us!