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They say some things in life are even more precious than we think they are. Would you agree?

Well, I do.

I’ve found that in this world, there are countless material things in nature that bewilder us with wonderment, like beautiful magical azure skies, stunning snow-clad mountains, and gorgeous sun-kissed white sand beaches. Then, again, there are some of the most amazing things that are intangible, that shape our lives and our beings in ways so profound that they make our lives and our existence way more meaningful than they’d be otherwise.

Be it positive or negative, they all form part of the reality of our existence, and this is what makes them worth cherishing. We treasure them dearly and wish to hold onto them for the rest of our lives because they add meaning to how we live from one day to the other.

From where I stand, the magical days of childhood are long gone, and so are those wonder-filled years of going on a treasure-hunt. The treasure I seek now comes to me from the most unexpected places.

From the material and the finite to the infinitesimal and the infinite, it has taken me long years of struggle, hardship, heartache and pain to realise that my real treasure lies not in those exotic mountains in faraway lands, that I often long to travel to, or the most mesmerizing sunset skies, that I capture every now and then; not even in the moments when the love of my near and dear ones make me deeply and utterly grateful of the many blessings in life.

The real treasure, my heart points out, lies in the innermost core of my being, right here, within me— the place that we often forget to look into, in our quest to seek the world. And it has taken me even longer, perhaps, to realise that, it will always remain one of the most prized possessions that I shall carry along, until the last breath of my life!

So long to realise this— you might ask?

Well, years of conditioning, I guess. We often forget who we are and more often than not, decide our self-worth based on how others ‘see’ us. Always. Breaking this cycle of seeking approval and living by the rules others make for us can actually be the most liberating experience in many ways. Discovering who we are, beyond the different roles and the expectations that we play in everyday life is a bit like uncovering the petals of a flower, you might say— the fact that we can be so many different things all at the same time and still be ourselves—the real, unique, flawed self, greater than the sum of its’ parts!

Connecting to this treasure-house within me has given a whole new meaning to my understanding of who I am— removed from every expectation, every burden, every baggage that I’ve carried within myself all these years, in order to make everyone else happy.

What about being happy just by being ‘me’?

I’m now learning how vital it is to be happy with what I am rather than what I have.

The more I uncover about myself, the more I am able to live consciously. And every time, I’m in doubt, all I need to do is tune into my inner self, and come back to where I truly belong—myself.

Have you found your life’s treasure yet? If you have, I’d like to hear all about it, because, once you find it, your life will be the best it has ever been. Wouldn’t you agree?


I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6. This is my post for Day 1. Today’s prompt is: Write about a treasure you have.

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