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Even dead trees have a story of their own, representing many years of living with the elements of Nature around them, through sunny mornings and misty dawns, through downpours, drizzles, and storms and what have you….in fact, anything and everything that Nature would throw at them. And even after they’re dead, they stand to wait for someone to cut them up and use them in some way, probably make a house with, or as piece of furniture, perhaps!

Today, I’m  sharing the picture of a dead tree I see every morning, in my apartment complex, quietly sharing space with the rest of the living ones.

Joining Parul Thakur with her post based on the theme, #Thursday Tree Love –where she brings you her tree picture and links to other beautiful ‘tree’ posts from the week before. If you would like to play along, post a picture of a tree and link it back to her post. Let’s appreciate Nature around us!