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It has been a long time I’ve written a gratitude post on the blog and as I return to blogging after a month-long break, I think it’s most appropriate that I start with a note of gratitude.

It’s in the small and the most insignificant moments in life that I’ve often been reminded of how important it is to not take anything for granted. And never has this been more apparent than over the last couple of months as I’ve found myself straddling between the care and the concerns for the family and the self, see myself struggling to cope with the overpowering sense of loss of things that have been very close to my heart and soul. Some losses have reminded me that life will never be the same again no matter how hard I’ve tried holding onto them. There’ve been times when I found myself holding back my thoughts for fear of finding myself more vulnerable than I’d be happy to admit. In short, plenty of setbacks have continued to rule our lives.

In the midst of all the upheaval, nagging health issues, illnesses in the family and uncertainties have come to haunt us over the past three months. One day, I forced myself to break the chain of thoughts and practice gratitude for the good things that came by. Being grateful made me more aware of myself and my emotions and especially my response to changing situations, that were mostly beyond my control. Gratitude made me happier and my heartfelt somewhat lighter. As I started to practice it more consciously, beginning my day with a short prayer for every little blessing that came my way, I began to see a marked change. Mindfulness has been a constant companion and has primarily aided me in clearing the mental clutter and getting rid of the baggage of pent-up negativity.

I am grateful that the past week has been kind to me in more ways than one—

  • For that feeling of hope and a surge of positivity and my will to face every obstacle coming my way, right now, even when I know I’m not ready for it.
  • Being able to bring the focus back to my professional goals, at a time when giving up seems so easy.
  • Having food on the table, comfort on a difficult day and unconditional love from family while so many things still continue to cause worry.
  • My home help who has been doing her bit so that I can focus on my well being too.
  • Being able to express my thoughts and share them with Mom that lets me release my angst and feel a huge weight being lifted off the chest.
  • The little gestures of love and hugs from sonny boy who tries to bring a smile back to my face every time he sees me worried.
  • Seeing my efforts of growing a tiny ‘balcony kitchen garden’ taking shape. Harvesting my first crop of spinach and looking forward to the next one has brought me joy beyond measure. (See my Instagram feed for pics)

The secret to having it all, they say, is knowing you already do. This has become my mantra in life. I am choosing to focus on what I already have and that has changed my perspective. Trust me, the feeling of gratitude changes everything. I cannot imagine encountering a more powerful process that allows one to shift one’s energy and bring all that one desires back into life.

No matter how difficult the days ahead be, I’d like to stay thankful and grateful as it helps me experience and appreciate all my blessings in life. How else does one realize that one receives so much more than one gives? Gratitude always makes me feel rich— way richer than I imagine myself to be.

Try it and see for yourself.

That’s my story. Now, tell me. how do you practice gratitude? What are you grateful for, today?


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