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“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” 
― Albert Einstein

The connotation here is our ability to change or be changed to fit the changed circumstances. One of the key factors that determine our survival in a rapidly changing world constantly in a state of flux is how quickly we respond to our environment. So much like the trees by the seaside that bend and bow to changing winds, varying their degrees to prevail through rain, storm or shine. For the three days we spent by the seaside at Galle, every evening I’d spend admiring this sight and feel overwhelmed with so much beauty around me.


The sight brought me peace and calm beyond measure and I marvelled at the trees that seemed so pliable. It’s not been easy to accept one’s fallibility and vulnerability but, one has learnt that it is necessary to do so. And whilst at it, at the same time, one must also strive to learn, grow and adapt too, as life and circumstances continue to bring up situations and circumstances well beyond our capacity to anticipate, both in our personal and professional spheres. I hope to improve upon this quotient and this is one of the key life lessons, I am taking along with me into the New Year!

What about you? How are you bracing for the changes that are coming into your life in the coming days/weeks/months? 


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