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For those who love Nature, beauty is everywhere and although we humans are messing up with Mother Nature big time, there are moments when we all watch in awe the surreal and the ethereal happenings which the spectacles of Nature bring into our lives. The only prerequisite to enjoy such everyday spectacles is perhaps having the heart to see and appreciate the beauty amidst us and staying mindful of the fleeting moments because they do keep changing ever so frequently, and literally, in the blink of an eye that it’s all over before you’ve got your phone camera to freeze the moment. My sky shots happen on the go, in between my chores or my walk, always while I’m busy with something unless I happen to be holidaying, in which case, I happen to dedicate myself wholly in the pursuit of random sky captures.

This week for Skywatch Friday, I bring you some shots of the sky that I’ve taken over the past ten days, while figuring out my new phone while the iPhone was off for repairing (due to an accidental fall!) I’ve come to love this phone even though I’m not a great fan of Androids. I love the camera too, and have been tinkering around to find new settings that work better in getting me some good shots. Anyways, here go the pics:

I hope you enjoy my colourful sunset skies even though the netting in the balcony might seem to be irritating for some of you. Wishing my fellow Indians from all across the globe a very happy Republic Day and everyone else a wonderfully productive Friday.

Above everything else, I wish you moments that you may call your own, to enjoy as you love best. And, of course, do try and spend some time with Mother Nature and share your pics because we at Skywatch love to share our skies with everybody else. So, looking forward to your slice of the sky.

Have a great and relaxed weekend. See you next week.


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