Struggle today, Strength tomorrow – #FridayReflections


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“Keep Going. Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep going. Tough situations build strong people in the end.” -Roy T. Bennett.

hard times

When the going gets tough, I often ask myself, “Why is this happening to me?”. At times, I know I have the answers, mostly I don’t. Continue reading

Skywatch Friday – #39


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Hello there! Back to Friday and another Skywatch post. This time I’m talking about why skywatching is one of the best stress-busting activities you’ll ever do.

You’ve perhaps never given it a thought that skywatching can be as therapeutic as meditation. Continue reading

To bend or to break? – #ThursdayTreeLove 2


Are you amazed to see how this beautiful tree continues to stand rooted to the ground, despite the wind pushing it in the opposite direction? So am I. In fact, this image set me thinking. Continue reading

The Choice – #FiveSentenceFiction


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She had switched off the alarm, sitting at the edge of the bed, when a thought struck her. What if she could trade her life with someone else- a fresh clean slate to write a new story, perhaps? Continue reading

Skywatch Friday – #38 (In Haiku)

This Skywatch Friday post is somewhat different. Today, I’m sharing a set of three Haikus to go along with the image of a spectacular sunset, that I was lucky enough to witness this week. Nothing unusual one might argue for our Bangalore skies. Yet another way in which Nature can be very fascinating for those who love it that even the diurnal movements of the earth can be a source of bliss to those of us who enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Continue reading

For the Love of Trees


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This week, I joined Parul Thakur for a new photo series on her blog It so happened that while browsing through my photo library, I unearthed a few of old tree shots taken during the recent years. Continue reading

Blossoms – TreeLove #1


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There is a beautiful quote by Kahlil Gibran :

Trees are poems that the Earth writes upon the sky, We fell them down and turn them into paper, that we may record our emptiness.

Continue reading

The Downpour – #FiveSentenceFiction


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The dark clouds came swirling, rather ominously, across the sky. On the parched soil, a feeble sapling raised its head, looking above, waiting for rain. Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – 23


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This post is not going to be wordless, though, because I’d like to give the background about the two photos.

Came across this beautiful sculpture at the entrance of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, formerly known as the Prince of Wales Museum, a premier art and history museum located in Mumbai. Continue reading

Music, when soft voices die…


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A little thought for this Monday morning as we begin another working week. Tell me something – What does work mean to you?

Work is life for me – it’s joys, it’s triumphs and disasters leave impact on my life in more ways than I could express. Some of us work to live and others live to work. We spend a lifetime, working. We take so much pride and happiness with what we do, day in and day out, so much so, that for many of us, a major part of our self-esteem is deeply rooted to how our work defines us, eventually making us the person that we are. All this happens irrespective of our day to day conscious awareness of how inextricably tied we all are to the roles assigned to us.
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